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Facts About Knee Exercises

Knee exercises are the best ways to cure knee pain. People who frequently perform these exercises experience less pain, recover quickly from knee problems, have knees that function better, and have fewer chances of recurring problems in the future.

People who suffer from injuries, especially young ones can perform knee exercises to recover quicker. Knee strengthening exercises is perfect for athletes as it can help them keep their knees function at its best.

Whenever there’s a weakness in the knee muscles, it means that knee joint is less supported, resulting to pain and even injuries as your weight will go through the knee bones.

The knee is a vital part of the body, yet it is often the subject to numbers of different problems. The reason to this is that it takes lots of abuse whenever you are younger, and before the real problems begin.

Knee exercises can help you prevent knee injuries, and overcome pain that you are likely experiencing. With regular knee exercises, you will be able to prevent pain and injuries from happening.

You need to understand that whatever type of knee exercises that you’re doing, you must ensure that you will build mass of muscle in this area of the body.

The reason why many people are having problems in the knees is that they often feel stronger and think that their knees are ready to take added pressure.

Muscles in the human body tend to get stringer faster than tendons and joints. By given your own self with enough time to catch up with your muscle strength, you will not injure this part.


Why is so important doing knee exercises before and after knee surgery?

Doing knee exercises before surgery can help you a lot. Recent researches and studies have proven the performing preoperative exercises such as knee exercises can help patients recover faster after surgery.

While doing knee exercises after surgery can help you strengthen your knees and improve its flexibility. This means that you can get back on your feet faster than those who do not perform any knee exercise.

Doing exercises can also help you increase your long term satisfaction with your artificial knees. Committing on a rehab plan and working with a physical therapist or surgeon can help you set goals and make your recovery faster.


Types of knee exercises you need to do and why?

The simplest type of knee exercise is sitting on a chair and your feet flat on the floor. In doing this knee exercise, you must ensure that your thigh is parallel to the floor.

Keep in mind that sitting properly can help the tendons and muscles surrounding your knees to relax and remove the stress that accompany them.


The simplest type of knee exercise is sitting on a chair

You can put variations in this knee exercise like pointing your toes, raising your feet above the ground and performing circular motion, or lifting your feet slowly making it parallel to the floor.

The simplest type of knee exercise is sitting on a chair


Another simple knee exercise is by sitting on the floor while your legs are crossed. In this position, the tendons and muscles surrounding your knees are stretched without you doing effort. You can remain in this position for about 30 seconds or a minute, and incorporate some variations.

You can slowly push your knees on the ground to put additional pressure on your joints and muscles. You may notice that when you’re legs are crossed, one of your legs is on top of the other. Therefore, you must change the position once a while to put pressure on the other leg.

Some knee exercises to relieve pain include leg lift with knee extension, quad set exercise, static hold exercise, drake exercises, hamstring set exercise, straight leg exercise and more.

Quad set exercises are perfect for tightening the muscles on the legs and thighs. This type of knee exercise can help you build muscle mass surrounding the knee that supports the joint.

This can be done by lying down on the floor and tucking the knees into your stomach. Just make sure that your knees are parallel to the floor and your toes are pointed. Fold your knee for about 10 to 15 seconds, rest for about 5 seconds and repeat to the other knee.

The knee extension exercise with leg lift


The knee extension exercise with leg lift can be done by lying on the ground, and putting an object under the heels to raise your legs for about three inches above the floor. From this position, lift your leg upwards and then slowly put it down. Do this knee exercise on one leg at a time. In this way you can provide support to the other leg while it is in the air.

When doing knee exercises to cure pain, you must be sensitive on the pain that you feel. If the pain gets worse, you should immediately stop doing the exercise and consult a doctor.

You must understand that not all knee exercises are suitable to all patients. There’s an applicable knee exercise program for every patient depending on the age and purpose.

For athletes, any type of knee exercises will do, but it’s a different story when it comes to adults and individuals who are suffering from injury.

In addition, you must remember that your body is properly rehydrated before doing any knee exercise in order to avoid additional injury on the knees. This is something that you will not find in any medical book, but you must do this to keep your joints and tendons healthy.

Drink plenty of water from time to time while doing knee exercises and you will notice a good effect into your body. If you have serious knee problems, doing knee exercise with the presence of a doctor or physical therapist is better.

In this way, you can be sure that your form is correct, and you will not cause additional injury to this part of the body. After several sessions of knee exercises with your physical therapist, you will be able to do these set of exercises with your own self.

You must realize that knee exercise can provide you with enormous benefits aside from making your body fit. Therefore, this can be the right time to start moving your legs and knees and make them strong in order to avoid injuries that may happen in the future.